Breaking the Law to Make Streets Greener? 8 Smart Guerrilla Urban Improvements

December 8, 2010

Site Development, Volunteering

Before reading this article by Treehugger I was slightly impressed and slightly weary. Anytime an article starts with “breaking the law” you never know what you will find or whether you can approve of the ideas. After reading this article, I have to say that these ideas are really cool, just be sure that in your city you aren’t committing a criminal offense.

My favorite idea is guerrilla gardening. Guerrilla gardeners believe in reclaiming idle spaces and taking action, assigning a new use or purpose for a public area, usually neglected or abandoned. The movement is also about learning how to grow your on food, making your area a nicer place to live and meeting new people.

My second favorite ideas is eco graffiti. Eco graffiti is about spreading a message without the use of sprays or paints, as they contain really toxic and harmful chemicals. Instead, artists use moss (the most popular), grass or other natural elements.

– Jayme Carleton, Second Nature

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